Outdoor activity is my collection of natural material and found objects and the display of them in new compositions around my garden.

In the evenings while walking along the sea shore, I collect all sort of different elements. Shells, stones, pebbles, drift wood and found objects become precious material for my installations.

There isn’t a pre-conceived idea of the way the final displays will look like. Each composition results from the relationship among the material, the space and myself at the moment of the creation.

Nature teaches me rhythm, harmony, geometry and provides me with long lasting material. While outdoor, nature deteriorates the found objects, which have lost their pragmatic functionality (e.g. mechanical, structural) and carry their lifelong stories.

When purposely displaying such unconventional found things together in a new composition, it creates a possible dialogue among the objects and a coexistence with its own value and new aesthetics.  The sense of uncertainty and openness created by exhibiting things that people often ignore or consider trash, are two essential states of my creative process.

It is a great challenge for me to reveal the value of a ‘humble’ object and to expose it along with its glorious imperfections.